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There are numerous private money and hard money lenders throughout Florida, and one of the most important steps in the real estate investing process is choosing a hard money lender that is right for your specific goals. Rehab Financial Group lends for home rehabs and house flips exclusively. We can fund up to 100% of the purchase price and rehab costs (not exceeding 65% of the ARV). We set ourselves apart from other Florida hard money lenders by putting your success first.  

After you've chosen the right hard money lender, you'll need to decide what part of Florida you want to invest. Local expert, Danny Margagliano, gave us insider tips on investing in South Walton Beach, Florida. 

South Walton Beach, Florida, otherwise known as 30a, is an area in the Northwest Florida Panhandle with gorgeous beaches making it a prime vacation destination. Therefore most of the real estate is owned by investors. There is a mixture of new and old homes giving this area many opportunities for flipping homes.

South Walton Beach was originally developed mainly between the 1960s and the 1980s. It experienced the largest growth between 2004 and 2006. The market is been very strong in recent years. Many of these original homes are still around and are prime properties for rehab and flipping.

It is vital to work with a good real estate agent that is familiar with the market and is able to help you choose the best property to flip, for the highest potential profit. The inventory of homes for sale is on the low end. It makes it more challenging finding the best properties to purchase for investment but also gives an excellent opportunity for return on investment if you plan to make improvements to the home and sell. 

1) Santa Rosa Beach 

Profit Potential = 10/10

Santa Rosa Beach is the largest community in the area as well as the oldest. Because of the size and age of Santa Rosa Beach, it offers the most opportunity for flipping homes in the area. You can find everything from beachfront homes to small 2 bedroom cottages a few miles from the beach. 


 2) Seagrove Beach

Profit Potential = 9/10

Seagrove Beach is one of the older beach communities along 30a and South Walton Beach. The real estate prices are much higher than Santa Rosa Beach with most of the properties being within walking distance to the beach. Most of the investment properties in Seagrove Beach will lean toward the luxury market. There are still many homes from the 1970s and 1980s that have not been updated and offer great investment opportunities. 


 3) Blue Mountain Beach

Profit Potential = 9/10

Blue Mountain Beach is more of an up-and-coming area. There is a lot of new construction which is bringing more attraction to the area. The new construction is mixed among some older homes which are prime opportunities for flipping. Blue Mountain Beach homes range in size from small 2 bedroom homes up to a bedroom beachfront mansions. There is something for every investor to look at in Blue Mountain Beach.


 4) Point Washington

Profit Potential = 10/10

Point Washington is mainly populated with primary residents. There is a lot of rehab and flipping going on here. You will find a mixture of new construction and rehab projects. There is not always a large amount of product on the market for sale but when opportunities arise they offer great potential for profit. 


Agent Spotlight

Danny Margagliano

Danny Margagliano, South Walton Beach, FL

Danny Margagliano has a diverse background which started with opening a record store at the age of 17 before selling and pursuing a professional surfing career for 7 years. He later became a paramedic firefighter for another 7 years. Lastly, in 2009 Margagliano started his now successful real estate profession. He is a realtor with 30a Local Properties in Grayton Beach Florida and owns an Internet marketing company called Web Tech SEO.

Margagliano's real estate education has earned him accolades as a Certified Investor Agent Specialist, Certified Distressed Property Expert, Home Pricing Specialist, and The Resort and Second-Home Property Specialist.

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