Broker Price Opinion (BPO) Real Estate Loan

The No Appraisal Option for Experienced Investors to Get Funding Faster than Ever Before!

BPO, short for Broker Price Opinion, is the newest real estate loan offering from private money lenders Rehab Financial Group intended for experienced investors and repeat borrowers.

There is no appraisal required for the Broker Price Opinion real estate loan and you will get 100% financing on hard money loans, as well as up to 70% ARV. When another rehab loan lender or private money lender won’t, RFG will!™


FICO Score: 660 or more 

Term: 8, 12 Months

Rehab Budget: 100% (Light Rehabs Only: Up to 50% of total loan amount)

Purchase Budget: 100%

ARV: up to 70%

Closing Times: 10 – 15 business days

Loan Size: $50K – $2M

Interest as Drawn: $100K or above

How it Works

1. This program is based on verified credit, income/cash flow, and cash for closing.

a. Minimum mid-credit score of 660 with prior mortgage history paid as agreed.

b. 3 or more completed projects in the past 36 months.

c. HUD’s from purchase and sale of property will be required.

2. BPO must be ordered with RFG through our approved vendors. 


Fast Closing – Approval in 24 hours

Reliable Funding – Private, direct lender

Common Sense Underwriting – RFG makes all decisions