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Case Studies

We’re very proud of the success of our house flippers. Take a moment to look through some of our success stories and see how Rehab Financial made it possible for these real estate investors to move quickly on their projects and get the job done. From New Hampshire to Florida, and west to Colorado, our lending experience has helped make house flippers’ dreams come true!

Curious About Buy-and-Hold Real Estate Investing?

You might have seen some of our fix-and-flip success stories, but did you know that we also provide funding for buy-and-hold real estate investors? The buy-and-hold strategy is different than the more popular “quicker is better” house flipping method in many ways. Buy-and-hold investing has greater potential to generate long-term,...

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Success by The Numbers: A Pennsylvania Flipper’s Story

Meet Demery Demery Garber is a real estate investor in York, Pennsylvania. While she still considers herself “green” in the industry, she has already experienced many aspects of being an investor during the several successful projects she has funded with Rehab Financial Group. From her first venture with a turn-key rental...

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Know Your Buyer: Virginia REI Case Study

There are many strategies that real estate investors can use to be successful and make a profit. Keeping a strong focus on the intended buyer’s needs and wants is one of the most reliable of these strategies. As long as you know the area’s demographics and the lifestyle of the...

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Smart, Confident, Flippers Grow REI Business for Long Term Success!

Meet Jennifer & Lou Jennifer works in healthcare in New Jersey but has a passion for flipping houses on the side. Although she has a very intense full-time job, the enjoyment, and payout, she and her husband Lou get from her real estate investments makes it worth the effort. They are...

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From District Manager to Full-time House Flipper (Florida)

Many people dream about flipping a house but never do. Real estate investing can be much more intimidating than taking a part-time job or buying a few stocks with your savings. Because of fear of the high level of commitment, most people never get past the initial step of purchasing...

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The New Jersey REI Networkers: Anna and Ernie

At Rehab Financial Group, we talk a lot about the benefits of finding a strong partnership and the value of a trustworthy team. Anna and Ernie, an *all-star* flipping team with RFG, have done just that. Starting out as friends at their day jobs, they realized they both had an...

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Innovative REI Development Company Turns North Philly Property into Temple Area Gem

Two of our most innovative and successful borrowers at Rehab Financial Group are adding value to distressed properties very profitably using a unique blend of cutting-edge technology and strong partnerships. As cofounders of Bloyd Street Capital, Brian Grimes and Travis Robert-Ritter have been perfecting their REI methods for several years. They...

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Joe W. and the Cat House

Rehabbing “The Cat House” Joe Wright was facing a rehabber’s worst fears. After buying a wholesale property from a flipper who had run out of money, his lender backed out of the deal. The property had been re-appraised as part of the deal, coming in at +$20k less than the previous estimate...

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Al C. Flips a 7 Unit Rental

Al C. has been in construction his whole life, undertaking several successful flipping projects. When he came across a seven unit rental property in the Temple University Hospital area selling for $50,000, he knew that this was a project he could sink his teeth into. There was only one problem. The property...

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Joe S: Experienced, Multi-unit Flipper

Joe is a “high-volume” flipper, sometimes completing more than 12 properties a year. His experience and years of expertise help him successfully select multi-unit rental properties that need everything from mild upgrades to fully gutted rehabs. When a Project Hits a Snag, Rehab Financial is There for Him Joe recently purchased a...

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Chris W. - Man of Many Talents

Chris is an experienced rehabber who has taken on more and more of the responsibility for his business over the years. While renovating a set of duplexes in the Temple University area of Philadelphia, PA he had some budgeting disagreements with his contractor that resulted in them parting ways- permanently. A...

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Tony - Giving Families a Home, One House Flip at a Time

It’s obvious that Tony, a Rehab Financial Group house flipper, takes great pride in transforming rundown properties into beautiful homes. In fact, his favorite part of a rehab is demolishing the ugly home. This makes room for him to create a space that is not only habitable, but a beautiful...

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