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Rehab Financial Group is your BEST choice for Fix-to-Flip loans!  Why?  Two simple words…

100% Financing.

RFG leads the industry with one of the most unique lending products around.  In 2009, RFG had an idea to create a competitive and sustainable loan product that would be unmatched in the Real Estate Investment industry.  That idea became the 100% Premier real estate bridge loan product.  We knew funding a loan product that provides clients with 100% financing, up to 70% of ARV on the purchase price and rehab costs would be a risk.  Ten years later, that same product is our flagship loan product, and there are very few lenders within the industry that even come close.  With a balance of tried and true common sense underwriting and a fix and flip loan product designed to maximize real estate investor liquidity, the 100% Premier is one of the most aggressive real estate bridge loan products in the industry.

RFG also stands apart from the rest of the lending industry because we finance every loan we write with our own capital.  It’s our money that we’re putting on the line, so we don’t have to adhere to standardized credit approval calculations or hard-and-fast loan formulas.  We have the leeway to evaluate each client’s specific needs, and personalize our loans with creative terms/points/interest rate packages, to set each client up for success.

With all that makes RFG unique, why get your Fix-to-Flip loan from anyone else?

100% Premier

This Fix-to-Flip/Rent loan is perfect for the flipper who has a good/excellent credit score of 620+, and verifiable income/cash flow.  The unique benefit of this product is you can get a loan for 100% of the purchase price and rehab costs, up to 70% of ARV, keeping as much cash in your pocket as possible!  Most of our fix and flip loan competitors do not offer 100% financing.  It’s one of the most unique lending products around.

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