Ask the Expert

At Rehab Financial Group, we want to make the entire flipping process as easy as possible. From applying for a rehab loan, to creating a business plan, we want to help make your flip a success.

That’s why we created an ‘Ask the Expert’ video series. In these videos, Rehab Financial Group President, Susan Naftulin, answers the most common questions she receives from customers just like you.

Watch these videos for tips and mistakes to avoid so you can successfully flip a home. If you have more questions, call us at 610-890-8512.

How hard is is to get approved for a rehab loan
What is ARV and how is it calculated
What's the difference between private money and hard money rehab lending
How do mortgage points work
The dangers of crowdfunding your house flip
What is real estate wholesaling
Can I flip a house with no little to no money
What's the minimum amount of cash I need to flip a house
What are the top financial mistakes that house flippers make
What's the best way to find a good contractor