Rehab Financial Broker/Mortgage Loan Officer Referral Program

RFG paid $154,000 in Broker Referral Commissions during 2019!

We’re looking for referrals from mortgage brokers or mortgage loan officers who work directly with real estate investors.  We feel we are the best alternative to conventional lending.  When you offer your clients access to RFG loan products, you get multiple options of being paid when you use RFG as your source of capital.  With competitive pricing, monthly payments per performing loan, volume-based bonuses, and competitive rates for your clients, we make it easy to grow your bottom line, and net generous compensation from RFG at the same time.

You can create your profile and submit applications through our

Real estate agent holding key with house model


Competitive compensation and full protection

Multiple ways of being paid (ie: from RFG points or directly on the HUD)

Reliable funding — on time and as promised

Fast closings in less than 14 days (faster for repeat investors)

A dedicated RFG Account Manager

Speedy document uploads and online applications

Loan pipeline and commission tracking info available

Become an RFG Approved Broker TODAY.

It’s quick and easy to enroll:

Call 877-978-2043 to speak with an RFG Account Manager.

Complete and sign the Broker Agreement.

Refer investor clients looking for rehab loans — it takes just minutes!

Get paid when your referrals close and fund on their loan.

“I have personally made many loans via RFG, and netted generous commissions/referral fees for the business.  The RFG team is very responsive with their common-sense underwriting approach, and they’re a pleasure to deal with.  Top that with 100% project financing and quick closings, and you have a solid foundation for a successful development project.  With the financial support of RFG, our clients can quickly build their real estate investment portfolios, which in turn generates continuous business and long-term client relationships.  And with larger transactions, RFG is open to negotiating terms that make sense.”

— Sunny Yang, Chief Lending Officer

Disclaimer:  All referral fees, related compensation, and participation in the RFG Referral Partner Program are subject to all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.