30-Year Rental Property Loan Refinance & Purchase Loans

The premier rental property investment loan option for long term cash flowing properties, up to 80% LTV

For investors who have an existing short-term loan looking for an opportunity to streamline a 30-year term Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) loan for non-owner-occupied rental investment properties. 

DSCR loans are the newest offering from Rehab Financial and are intended as a take-out of your existing loan or purchase of a rental property to allow you to access more cash when you need it most! (Brokers Not Accepted)


Term: 30 year fixed, 5/1 ARM, 10 year interest only options

Loan Amount: $75k – $2M

Property Type: Up to 8 units, mixed use, condos

Portfolio Loans also available

Loan to Value (LTV): Up to 75% cash out or 80% rate and term/purchase

Liquidity Requirements:
Refinance – 6 Months of Payments + Closing Costs
Purchase – Down Payment + Closing Costs + 6 Months Payments
Contact us for details.


Prequalification in Minutes

A One-Stop Shop

Maximize Cash Flow with All-In-One Payments (PITIA)

Tap into Accrued Equity with Cash Out Options

As Low as 640 Minimum FICO (Highest Partner’s Midscore Used)

Streamlined Process

Shortened Closing Times

Competitive Rates

The Rehab Financial Group Refinance Process

Initial Documents
  • Refinance Application
  • Borrower’s Authorization to Run Credit
  • Property Management Form
  • Bank Statements from the Past 2 Months
  • Title Contact Info
  • Current Driver’s License/Photo ID
  • Go-Ahead From Borrower to Proceed
Secondary Documents
  • Entity Documents: Operating Agreement, Article of Organization, Tax ID, LLC Consent
  • Proof of Property Insurance
  • Purchase & Sale Agreement
Trailing Documents
  • Tenant Leases
  • Tenant Payments
  • Property Tax Bill
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Proof the Property Insurance Premium has Been Paid