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“I was extremely pleased with my experience with Rehab Financial Group from beginning to end.  This was my first rehab project, and Rehab Financial made it as seamless of a process as possible regarding the project funding.  Kristie has been extremely helpful and patient with me from day one as she always provided me timely POF letters for the numerous projects on which I made offers.  When I finally got an offer accepted, Kristie walked me through the entire funding process making sure I had everything needed to ensure project funding approval and timely distribution of funds during closing and after renovations.  In addition, any time I had a question throughout the process, everyone jumped right in to address my issue.  In addition to Kristie, Brian and Matthew were also very helpful throughout in addressing any questions that I had.  Overall, the entire staff seemed to go out of their way to please the customer.  While there were definitely bumps in the road in other areas with this being my first project, I am grateful that the funding aspect was not one of them.  Thanks Rehab Financial for the outstanding support, and I look forward to working with you again in the near future!”

— Ray J.

“Finding and working with RFG has made a huge impact on starting my REI journey.  On my first deal, I had to work very quickly to get to closing, and they were diligent and extremely helpful in getting me there, despite the “wrenches” I threw in the way!  Beginning with Brian giving me the summarized overview of how things work and the continuous conversations with Kristie to get me to the closing table, I couldn’t have asked for a better team.  There were so many things that I didn’t understand, but the depth of their patience and understanding was immense.  I have now done two deals through them and feel very confident in their knowledge, expertise, and genuine desire to help.  The entire team, in various fashions, have reached out to me and facilitated my growth and progress.  I am truly grateful for the assistance that they provide, and would highly recommend them!”

— Demery G.

“I had a great experience working with RFG on my rehab project.  I highly recommend them to real estate investors.”

— Wayne K.

“I’ve worked with RFG since 2014.  Brian (specifically) has assisted all my clients with professional and courteous service.  I HIGHLY recommend RFG for any lending needs that real estate investors have along the East coast!  LOVE THEIR TEAM!!”

— Twilla C.

“Closed my first of hopefully many deals with RFG.  Was a pretty easy process and everyone was helpful at every stage of the process!!!”

— Ray J.

“It has been truly a pleasure working with this company on my recent flip in Winthrop, MA.  I purchased a two family home and converted it into condos.  I cannot say enough about their service and one-on-one customer support.  I would especially like to thank Mr. Brian Augsberger for taking the time to work with me through the process.  Steve Miller, your virtual staging is awesome!!  I would also like to thank Matt Bente and the rest of the staff.  I currently have one unit under contract to close and the second unit pending.  Can’t wait to work with you on many more to come.”

— Charles L.

“I have been an investor and a Real Estate Broker for over 20 years.  I’ve purchased and sold many properties to investors, and met hundreds of loan companies, some better than others.  However, I’ve never had to finance any of my investments.  I paid cash for them because I was skeptical of the long, complicated process of getting approved for a loan.  Well, I did my research, and found out about Rehab Financial Group.  Days later, I was approved and we closed in 3 days after I closed on the property.  Wow, now that is 10-star service!  I just love working with this team.  Simple, straight forward, no-nonsense questions, no red tape, no confusion on fees or interest, replies on my concerns in 10 minutes or less is how I describe their way of doing business with investors like me.  I’m sure I will move on my next project with the same lender.  Ladies and gentlemen, I’m very impressed, and trust me, I’m not easy to please.”

— Elena K.
Real Estate Investor and Broker

“Closed my first, of hopefully many, loans today with RFG.  They are a great group.  Started off with a phone call from Brian, who walked me through the entire process and who they are.  Kristie handled the rest, and she is top notch!  Extremely responsive!  Cheers to many more projects with RFG.”

— Florindo B.

“Super professional.  Fast response and funding, competitive terms and rates.  Would (and will!) definitely work with them again.”

— Grace S.

“I have been utilizing RFG for rehab loans since 2014.  They have been great to work with, very responsive, and has helped grow my business exponentially.  I would recommend this lender to anyone serious about growing their rehab business.”

— Daniel H.

“Have worked with RFG on last three house flips.  They are very responsive and everything moves along very swiftly and easily with them.  Any questions or issues I have are quickly addressed and remedied.  Inspections and draws happen quickly.  The work done by Kristie, Brian and Susan has been essential to our success in the past two years!”

— Jennifer P.

“I really don’t write too many reviews, unless I am extremely moved to do so.  I know that’s terrible, however my experience with Kristie from Rehab Financial Group demands a review.  She quickly responds to each email or call I make.  She has a “can do” attitude.  I have spoken with other members of Rehab Financial, and I have found them to be efficient.  Nonetheless, it is my dealings with Ms. Kristie that will make me a repeat client.  If you are an investor, I would strongly recommend this business.  This team, especially Ms. Kristie, will go above and beyond to accommodate each client.  I say client because this company does not only focus on closing deals, they focus on establishing relationships.”

— Melissa A.