Ground Up Construction Loans – No LTC Cap

Best For: Investors interested in land intended for ground up building of 2-4 unit non-owner occupied properties looking for non-bank financing solutions.

Expand your real estate investment solutions for 2-4 unit residential investment properties. Rehab Financial Group is the rental and investment property lender featuring fast closings and common-sense underwriting. Our Ground Up Construction Loan product is a quick, smart and effective alternative for financing construction costs prior to transitioning into a long-term loan.


1. The approval for this loan is  based on ground up construction experience, cash for closing + 6 months reserves, credit and income.

a. At least 2 verifiably completed ground up within the most recent 12 months.

2.  Land may be purchased in advance or as part of the transaction.

b.  Experienced 1-4 family builders may qualify for refund of land purchase price. (Up to 75%)

FICO ≥ 680

Term: 12 or 18-month loan

100% Rehab Financing

70% ARV

No LTC Cap

Ground Up Construction Loans | Rental & Investment Property Lender


Closing times typically 10-14 business days

Call for rate/program with FICO < 680

Loan size $75,000 – $1,500,000

Finance 100% of construction costs, 70% of purchase, up to 70% ACV (As Completed Value)

For investors interested In land intended for ground-up building of 2-4 units.

Your choice on level of transaction involvement

Interest as drawn for construction >$100,000

Liquidity Requirements:
Must have cash for closing + 3-6 months reserves based on experience, credit and income
Experienced 1-4 family builders may qualify for refund  of land purchase price (up to 70%)
+ 15% rehab budget reserve must be available.    Contact us for details.