How to Find A Good Home Rehab Contractor

How to Find A Good Home Rehab Contractor.

Assembling your house flipping team can either position your project for success, or it can position it for failure.

Hiring a rehab contractor is the most important hire you will make. They will be your point person on site while the project is underway so getting this hire right will give you a leader you can trust to guide the project to completion.

The best way to find a good contractor is by referral and word of mouth. Don’t meet somebody at a networking event and hire them on the spot. Do your research! When you are considering a contractor for your house flipping team, ask for referrals. If the referral tells you that the contractor did a great job, you should ask permission to see the work.

Another good source for locating home rehab contractors is to ask other people in your community who have done rehabs and flips. The rule of asking for referrals still applies. Make sure the referral sources aren’t related to the rehab contractor, and be sure to see the work.

Also, the better your contract with your contractor, the better off you will be. You know, we’ve heard a lot of people say, “Oh, we know each other for years, we don’t need a contract.” That is the worst way to go into your project and the best way to ruin a relationship.

For more information regarding hiring a home rehab contractor or other members of your house flipping team, visit our House Flipping 101 guide.

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