Meet Susan Naftulin and Rehab Financial Group

About the Video

Interested in getting to know a little more about how Susan at Rehab Financial Group works with house flippers? This interview from the “Licensed for Success” series with Chris DiCristo goes in depth with Susan Naftulin, co-founder of RFG. They talk about how the company started, what its like being the owner of a modern mortgage company, and how the company helps house flippers fund their flips.


Who is Rehab Financial Group?

Rehab Financial Group is a private lender that lends to fix-and-flip real estate investors in 15 states across the country. They cover both purchase and rehab costs for a project and can structure loans without a down payment. This can help you keep more money in your pocket and free up cash for emergencies on the project. Unlike loans from most lenders, you can buy a distressed property at no money down and 100% financing with Rehab Financial Group. You’ll only be responsible for closing costs, fees, and interest-only payments.

Rehab Financial Group is unique among lenders because they evaluate borrowers as a whole. By reviewing applicants full financial picture, they don’t stick to hard and fast formulas but instead look for financially responsible borrowers who want to flip a reasonably sized property.


Why Borrow from Rehab Financial Group?

In this video Susan highlights the fact that Rehab Financial Group is only interested in your success as a flipper. They want you to make money on each project so you come back to flip more and more houses with them. From helping you identify a strong team, to counseling you through tough spots in your rehab, to providing you a free, structured business plan template, Rehab Financial Group is the leader in customer service in the fix-and-flip lending industry.