delusional or determined (Demo)

Determined or Delusional? Are You Ready to Flip a House?

The difference between a successful house flip and a “get rich quick” scheme that will have you headed for bankruptcy is often the degree to which the flipper is prepared. If you believe the infomercials and false hype that anyone, in any state of preparation, can be a real estate investor, you’re in for a real shock. Flippers that are headed for success have all the right pieces in place before tackling their first project.

It’s true that if you wait for the *perfect* time you’ll never get started, but you should check in with yourself on multiple fronts to determine if you are ready to succeed or if you need to make some improvements to your situation.

Take the Determined or Delusional? Quiz below to see if you are just a dreamer or if you have what it takes to flip a house and make a profit. Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t quite there yet on every measure, we’ll guide you to helpful resources to get you to where you need to be, or, congratulate you on being ready to begin a new investment project!

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Stay determined and apply for funding with Rehab Financial Group when you are ready to start looking for a property! Need more help? Check out Flipping Houses 101, our free guide to everything house flipping.