Rehab Financial Group Thankful

We’re Thankful for YOU

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we at Rehab Financial Group want to share all of the blessings that have made our company successful. Most important on our list is our wonderful group of customers who transform distressed properties into beautiful homes across the country. We love what you are doing and are thankful for the opportunity to help you find success in your neighborhoods and in your lives.

Here are our four pillars of success that we are blessed with at RFG:

#1 Our customers

We would be remiss in not proclaiming our thanks for our customers. Like any sports team or organization, the people who do business with us are to thank for keeping our doors open and for making us as successful as we have become here at Rehab Financial Group. We get caught up in the daily grind of our business too often – selling, appraising, inspecting, managing the property, negotiating and executing the contracting, and so on.

We sometimes take for granted the relationships we’ve made in the business. So to all our borrowers, brokers, realtors, contractors, appraisers, and inspectors, RFG is truly grateful for your business, and moreover, we are thankful for the relationship we’ve formed with you.

#2 Employees

It’s no secret that we get things done swiftly and efficiently at Rehab Financial. This industry is a lucrative one, but one asset to be valued above the rest is time. The difference between winning the bid on a property and losing out on one can be a matter of hours. Proof of Funds letters, draw releases, appraisal and inspection orders, and much more need to be executed in a timely fashion.

We’re able to do this because of the teamwork at Rehab Financial Group. You may not speak to all of us here, maybe you’ve never even heard our name in discussion or seen it in an email, but know that everyone here is working around the clock to satisfy the needs our customers.

We are thankful for the chemistry we’ve developed at RFG. Some employees have been here since the company’s inception, some as recent as three months ago, but the chemistry and atmosphere at RFG has not wavered, and for that we are extremely grateful.

#3 A lucrative industry

You can’t be lazy in this business. You MUST do your homework. There are hundreds of determining factors in developing an after repaired value on a property. While all of them don’t need to be just right, they have to be pretty close in order to profit on a property. The surrounding neighborhoods, schools systems, local town/city, property’s infrastructure, interior, and exterior are a couple factors, and we haven’t even scratched the surface of what to look for, not to mention these above subcategorize into hundreds of factors themselves.

But when the price is right, all logistics are timely, and there’s a profit, it’s a great feeling knowing that homework, coordinating, and money invested worked out. If you’ve felt it before, you know it’s something to be thankful for. Hopefully next Thanksgiving too!

#4 A diverse business

Rehabbing is very much a niche market. As we mentioned before, once you’re seasoned in this business, it can prove to be an extremely profitable investment of time and effort. According to Hess, Calio and Frohlich’s article on 24/7 Wall St., “The Top 10 Best Cities to Flip a Home,” Rehab Financial lends to six of the top seven cities, three of which are in our home state of Pennsylvania.

It is abundantly clear that RFG is lending to the right locations, at the right time, with proficiency. These areas account for a healthy portion of our business but certainly not all, as we have provided loans quite regularly to 14 other states. In fact, properties in New Jersey, Connecticut, South Carolina, and Maryland account for 33% almost half of our loans this year.

Like any great portfolio, the key is diversity; diversity within a particular category (i.e. stocks) and diversity of the grand investment portfolio (i.e. stocks, bonds, funds, real estate, personal projects, etc., etc.). On that advice, RFG has tried to spread loans out across 15 states. We have succeeded and all signs point to this continuing to be the case, and for that we can all be grateful.

Reflect in Thankfulness

Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. It’s not uncommon to take a considerable amount of time to ponder the day’s/week’s events and plan for the future day/week. Consider Thanksgiving a larger time of retrospect, of which we look back on our year and give thanks to the opportunities we have been given in this booming industry.