Referral Partners

You Do Not Need a License to Collect a Referral Fee!

For real estate agents, seasoned or beginning real estate investors, or those who have friends looking to join the growing community of flippers, refer them to RFG and get paid. It is that simple. Where legal and applicable, send us your referrals, and earn passive income just for providing contact information. The amount of compensation earned depends on the your level of involvement. If you are interested in receiving more information about our referral program, call today!

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Benefits to YOU

Commission for every loan closed

Simply provide the contact information, and we take it from there

Benefits to those you REFER:

Your referral will have access to our unique personalized loan products so they’ll get the best rates and terms to help them succeed

We treat your referral with the utmost respect, so we will always represent you and your reputation with professionalism

Become an RFG Referral Partner TODAY.

It’s quick and easy to enroll:

Call 877-978-2043 to speak with an RFG Account Manager.

Refer contacts looking for rehab loans — it takes just minutes!

Get paid when your referrals close on their loan.

Disclaimer:  All referral fees, related compensation, and participation in the RFG Referral Partner Program are subject to all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

“Working with Rehab Financial Group was super easy.  I called John at RFG, told him the type of rehab project my client was looking to take on, and he took it from there.  It was the simplest process I can remember in a long time.  John brought in Matt (the underwriter), and together they were very hands on.  They spoke directly with the client, reached out to the contractor to get estimates, and approved and funded the loan in under two weeks.  The turn around time was extremely fast, and my client was thrilled.  I was impressed, and will definitely bring RFG to the table with more of my clients.”

— Patrick Koelsch
Sales Manager, Loan Depot