Referral Program

RFG wants YOUR referrals!  We are looking for loan referrals from residential or commercial Brokers, Loan Officers, Mortgage Originators, or anyone with a network of real estate investor sources.  Refer your clients, investors, or friends to us.  We want their business, and will compensate you for the referral.

RFG is the best-kept secret in the rehab lending industry!  We are unique among lenders in that we fund loans with 100% of our own capital.  Our disciplined, common sense underwriting approach to lending allows us to look at clients as individuals.  We’ll never just do a machine-driven automated calculation to approve or deny a loan.  We get to know a client, their proposed rehab project, and how they plan to flip the property.  We can personalize our loan terms to their project to help them achieve success.

You can create your profile and submit applications through our

Signing agreement for with model home
PRICE a loan in minutes
RECEIVE loan approval that same day
CLOSE a loan in less than 2 weeks
RELIABLE capital with deep pockets
FLEXIBLE terms for larger transactions
STRAIGHTFORWARD fee structure, with rates, points, and fees standardized
TRUE 100% financing
BROKER protection and terms
ALTERNATIVE means of payment

RFG Broker/Mortgage Loan Officer Referral Program:  For mortgage brokers or mortgage loan officers who work with real estate investors directly, we feel we are the best alternative to conventional lending.  When you offer your clients access to RFG loan products, you get multiple options of being paid when you use RFG as your source of capital.

RFG Referral Partner Program:  For real estate agents, new or old real estate investors, or those who have friends looking to join the growing community of flippers,  refer them to RFG and give them a helping hand.  Where legal and applicable, send us your referrals, and earn passive income just for providing contact information.

The Fix-to-Flip rehab community is made up of hardworking people who are building better neighborhoods one home at a time.  Help RFG keep the resources flowing to more new neighborhoods every day.  It takes a village…Send us your referrals TODAY!