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100% Fix & Flip Premier

Unlock the door to successful house flipping in Richmond with fix-and-flip loans from RFG! This innovative financial solution caters to real estate investors with stellar credit scores and a steady income. Experience unparalleled support as RFG provides funds for both the purchase and renovation, covering up to 75% of the After Repair Value (ARV). Diversify your opportunities further by exploring the inclusion of mixed-use properties.

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Ground Up Construction

Launch your new construction project with RFG’s groundbreaking financing option. Designed to navigate the complexities of new projects, our bridge loans in Richmond cover upfront expenses and streamline the payment process. RFG’s alternative approach allows you to secure 100% of the construction costs, providing the foundation for a successful transition into a long-term real estate investment loan. Many Richmond investors have embraced the ingenuity and support of RFG to achieve their dreams. So can you!

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Multi-family & Mixed-use Properties

RFG understands the unique needs of experienced real estate investors seeking financing for Richmond rental properties with nine or more units. From commercial spaces to residential, retail, office, or parking areas, RFG’s innovative loan options have you covered. Fuel your ambitions by securing purchase and rehab financing with ease. Let RFG be your trusted partner in transforming multi-family and mixed-use properties into lucrative investments.

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30-Year Rental Property Refinance & Purchase

Simplify your rental property investments with RFG’s flexible 30-Year Fixed Rate loan in Richmond. Tailored to meet the needs of real estate investors, this opportunity offers long-lasting benefits. Consolidate your finances into a manageable 30-year term, optimizing cash flow through RFG’s Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) loan. Richmond real estate investors can experience the peace of mind that comes with fixed-rate financing, courtesy of RFG’s cutting-edge approach.

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Why Choose RFG?

Venture into the enriching journey of house flipping in Richmond with RFG’s exclusive guide, Flipping Houses 101. Delve into a treasure trove of valuable insights and industry secrets, maximizing your real estate investments. Rely on RFG as your trusted resource, equipping you with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the world of house flipping with finesse.

Experience a comprehensive approach to borrower evaluation with RFG. While other hard money lenders in Richmond adhere to rigid formulas, RFG evaluates you holistically, matching your goals with a loan term tailored to your unique circumstances. Reviewing your complete financial picture, RFG utilizes practical underwriting strategies to make informed decisions. Choose RFG for a personalized private money lending experience that prioritizes your success above all.

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RFG has established itself as the top hard money lender in Richmond, having funded over $300 million on thousands of private money loans. Partner with RFG to ensure your financial success not just in Virginia, but across 39 states nationwide. Trust RFG’s commitment to your achievements and allow them to help you make an indelible mark in the real estate investment industry.


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We fund loans with 100% of our own capital


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