Real Estate Formulas

A good investor is one that can produce repeat success. Finding success can be hard work. Repeated success can seem impossible.

The fact is that it’s not impossible. Predictable real estate investment success is calculated. Good investors have a long list of real estate formulas. When properly used, these formulas will help determine when potential projects are favorably priced, help the investor understand how much cash is needed, identify a target selling price, calculate timelines and project profit margin. The list goes on!

The articles below and the real estate calculations within them are the tools needed to convert lucky real estate hobbyists into calculated real estate investors.

Unexpected House Flipping Costs that Every Real Estate Investor Should Know

The Importance of Time Value of Money and Real Estate Investing

How to Calculate DTI Ratio

In the world of real estate investment strategy, debt to income ratio, or DTI, is a lender’s way to guestimate a potential borrower’s ability to make the monthly payments due on its loan.

What is a Comparative Market Analysis?

A CMA should give you information on recent sales and active listings that are similar to the property you are looking to buy and sell within your geographic region.